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Beijing Unicom, especially the distributed open application platform

Apple's brilliant success through the app store software store has finally made the operators' bosses unable to control it. Yesterday, Beijing Unicom announced its march into mobile Internet, released the first open application platform "wo+ cooperation alliance" for mobile Internet users, and invited a number of Internet enterprises to provide application software for the platform

Unicom said that there are nearly 20 popular Internet applications on the platform, such as Interactive Encyclopedia and Kaixin. Unicom users can realize the unified authentication of all kinds of access and the personalized application of cloud service aggregation through a unified account, so that semi-finished products made of plastics and natural fibers can be produced and content in a large scale. At the same time, this platform is also open to Internet enterprises, which provide them with application software

"our software is based on an intelligent visual interaction technology." Ji Xiang, general manager of yipailuo Technology Co., Ltd., said that the "Yipai" software on Unicom's application platform can realize intelligent identification of photographed goods. Ji Xiang opened the software and took a picture of a commodity advertisement on the wall. After identification through the network, the official station, price, sales location and other information of the commodity were displayed on the

"as long as it is customized by Unicom, our software will be built in." Ji Xiang said that as a channel advantage of an operator, China Unicom's platform can be supported by many interconnected enterprises. 7. What are the methods of all digital control system extended fatigue testing machine. This idea is not isolated. Yesterday, 55 Internet companies including Sina, Baidu, Tencent, Shanda, 360, Renren, Kaixin and Xiaomi all appeared at the meeting

"building an application platform means that China Unicom, as a traditional operator, has made an important breakthrough and transformation in the mobile Internet era." The relevant person in charge of Beijing Unicom said frankly that the Apple App store software store is an "undoubted winner" in the business model innovation. Unicom's construction of an open platform is also intended to take a share in the highly competitive mobile Internet market. Beijing

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