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OPEC and Russia jointly negotiated to prevent the film from being placed for more than 2 hours to stop the recovery of shale oil in the United States. OPEC and Russia jointly negotiated to prevent the recovery of shale oil in the United States. October 17, 2016

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according to RBC Capital Markets, Russia and OPEC hope to stabilize the oil price at $per barrel, and said that the United States is the biggest problem faced by OPEC at present

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oil prices climbed to $52 a barrel on Friday, boosted by the decline in U.S. energy inventories and the OPEC agreement aimed at stabilizing oil prices

"I think Saudi Arabia, OPEC and Russia hope that the US production will be reduced. However, the oil price in US dollars may not be enough to revive the entire US shale oil industry." The function realized by RB friction and wear tester system, said helima Croft, global regional director of C capital markets

"I don't think their goal is the dollar, because I don't think they want to recover completely," she said, adding that Russia and the Middle East want "a stable price rise, not a sudden surge"

in the latest report, RBC Capital Markets believes that the average price of WTI and Brent crude oil will stabilize at $51 and $53 in 2016, accelerate the transformation and utilization of new material innovation achievements, and rise to $56.50 and $59 in 2017

the OPEC meeting in November was regarded as a key forum for the success of the frozen production agreement. Croft said any meaningful outcome would depend on Saudi Arabia

croft also said that it is unnecessary for the outside world to worry that Libya will increase production to the previous level, and the political turmoil in the country will make this situation impossible

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