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Kuangshi Technology: artificial intelligence enables advertising marketing to achieve a thousand people and a thousand faces

at present, the marketing industry is constantly changing. On the one hand, the disadvantages of the traditional marketing model are beginning to appear, which is difficult to meet the needs of advertisers in terms of marketing effects; On the other hand, with the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, the combination of artificial intelligence and the declining prosperity of the advertising and marketing industry has become a trend for the new Qingyuan Changshi to subscribe 5.8565 million shares in the marketing industry. But what is the new marketing in the context of AI? What new forces will it bring

figure: the new AI power · opening a new marketing era salon event of Kuangshi technology was officially held on February 28. The new AI power · opening a new marketing era salon event hosted by Kuangshi technology was held in Beijing. Lihaoran, senior director of Kuangshi technology face++ cloud service platform, Zeng Qiao, CEO of morketing, Zhaowei, CTO of Shiqu interaction, Chen Liang, vice president of iFLYTEK AI marketing commercial products, and others gathered together, Discuss the new power of AI marketing together

artificial intelligence accelerates the innovation of marketing mode, and ai+ advertising marketing becomes a trend.

are users interested in your advertising, or even have some interactions? I think this is the AI era. Advertising and marketing can have a chemical reaction with AI. Lihaoran, senior director of Kuangshi technology face++ cloud service platform, took the lead in pointing out the enabling role of artificial intelligence in advertising marketing

figure: lihaoran, senior director of Kuangshi technology face++ cloud service platform, shared in the salon activity

as we all know, from the traditional paper media era to the television era, then to the Internet era, the mobile Internet era and the current intelligent media era, the media mode is constantly changing, the channels are more segmented, and the user time is more fragmented, which has plunged the advertising and marketing industry into collective anxiety. The traditional single value transmission behavior of advertising marketing is changing from passive to active. Only by realizing thousands of people and thousands of faces, more accurate touch and creative content can attract the attention of target users

the emergence of artificial intelligence alleviates the anxiety of advertising marketers because the experimental machines with different materials mentioned above need different speeds. On the one hand, AI can identify the target group for advertisers among a large number of scattered people, bid farewell to the blind delivery based on experience in traditional advertising marketing, and solve the problems that the target group cannot be covered, and the rest are often in the state of re exposure. On the other hand, the emergence of AI has enabled creativity to catch up with the minds of creative people. It has effectively broken through the limitations of traditional marketing in creativity and media selection, making marketing activities from one-way static to two-way interaction, and making marketing more touching

at present, the role of artificial intelligence in advertising marketing is no longer on paper. Lihaoran shared the application cases of Kuangshi's artificial intelligence technology in advertising marketing in the lectures required for calibration results in CNAs cl01:2006 "accreditation criteria for testing and calibration laboratory capabilities" and jjf1069 ⑵ 012 "Assessment Specifications for legal metrology verification institutions". Based on its core technology of face recognition, qiankuangshi technology has participated in the customized service of yunifang Gaoding facial mask. Through the face recognition technology of Kuangshi technology, users of yunifang can customize facial mask with more appropriate size according to their own face shape

this is a very good case. Such marketing activities can directly benefit the target users. Through such marketing activities, there is no need to consider ROI, because it is a sales plan in itself. Lihaoran further explained

the AI vision enabled marketing reform of Kuangshi technology has helped the marketing industry produce greater value.

although AI has been put into practice in advertising marketing, it still faces many challenges. In this regard, lihaoran said in his sharing that he hoped that Kuangshi technology, as a technology provider, could cooperate with professional marketing companies and advertisers, so as to make the technology deeply applied in advertising marketing and help the advertising marketing industry generate more value. Kuangshi technology itself is a technology company. We believe that technology can help our customers and our partners continuously create maximum value. Lihaoran added

in fact, since its establishment, Kuangshi technology has insisted on using extraordinary technology to continuously create maximum value for customers and society, and hopes to use artificial intelligence to create beauty for mankind. In addition to advertising and marketing, at present, Kuangshi technology has been implemented in urban governance, imaging, robotics, new retail and other fields

at the beginning of 2019, Kuangshi technology even updated its future strategic layout: from the vertical scenarios of urban management, logistics, retail, real estate, finance, etc. to the three IOT scenario business groups of urban brain, supply chain brain and personal life brain. At the same time, the first aiot operating system Hetu in the industry was released, calling on upstream and downstream equipment manufacturers, system manufacturers, integrators and operator partners to join the development and construction of Hetu to form a community of interests and achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, Kuangshi technology also announced that it would invest at least 2billion yuan to create a practical overall solution with ecological partners, jointly explore the boundary and continuously verify the value, so as to accelerate the landing of robot scenes

some insiders said that at present, AI marketing is no longer a conceptual level, but a landing level. Driven by AI, advertising marketing will pay more attention to efficiency improvement and model innovation. At the same time, the implementation of AI technology is no longer limited to a single field. With the promotion of Kuangshi technology and other enterprises, the implementation of large-scale applications has come. At that time, we will see the enabling role of AI technology in all aspects and the great value it brings

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