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An open hanging small current sensor suitable for electrical transformation and IOT application

with the progress of society, IOT is in the ascendant. In the power industry, many electrical equipment need to be monitored, such as the current measurement of energy storage coil for opening and closing, the monitoring of elevator driving current, and the detection of various signal level small currents. Since there is no corresponding distribution box for field installation during field transformation, most current sensors need to be directly suspended on site. This is also the reason why more and more suspended sensors and transformers have been widely used in the field

the causes and troubleshooting of this kind of fault caused by the hzia-c0c series of baes: (1) the push rod of the key switch is too long, and the hzia-c0cn series are installed in the hanging wire mode, which greatly meets the needs of on-site current measurement

hzia-c0c adopts a structure similar to the transformer, with silicon steel magnetic core inside. It is suitable for larger current circles, and the shaft with strong competitiveness is detected below, such as the large current of about 400A. Hzia-c0cn adopts the magnetic core plug-in structure and permalloy material, which is more suitable for the detection of small current and current less than 200A. Both products adopt SOC level high reliability circuit, which greatly improves the reliability. The output terminal can use cable to put the required cylinder into the slot or plug the terminal for output

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