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Open innovation opens up new ideas for the development of enterprises

open innovation is a hot topic at present. Of course, this is also very correct. For the company, this means that it not only greatly increases the opportunities for R & D efforts, but also reduces costs; For individuals, it provides a way to turn professional knowledge and experience into wealth

the so-called "open innovation" was created by Professor chesbrogge of the University of California, Berkeley. Professor chesbrogge is a professor and executive director of the open innovation research center of the University. His core view is that in a world where knowledge is widely distributed, enterprises should not only rely on their own resources, but should buy or apply for other people's designs and ideas, and sell some inventions and designs that they do not use

the concept of open innovation was born in the current reality - that is, no enterprise, no matter how large, can have solutions to all problems. However, through the global communication network provided by Internet, we can visit all parts of the world more effectively, faster and cheaper, and gain knowledge and creativity to solve problems

the process is very simple. First of all, enterprises identify problems that they have not been able to solve and access to open innovation intermediary networks - such as innocentive, yet2, ideaconnection, your Encore or ninesigma - for example, ninesigma is an independent intermediary agency covering a wide range of fields. It develops its own networks and connects network members (technology demanders) with various third-party research institutions (technology suppliers). The technical demander can conduct technical consultation or bidding in the network through the intermediary, and the third-party institution that receives the technical outline will feed back to the demander through the intermediary if it has corresponding solutions. Procter & Gamble has distributed the technical outline for help to 700000 people through this intermediary, which has contributed to more than 100 projects, 45% of which have led to the conclusion of in-depth cooperation agreements

solutions can be provided by individuals or companies. Some solutions can be explained in two pages, including the reasons why they are effective. Others may need the work of the laboratory to help solve them. If the solution seems attractive enough, the enterprise issuing the problem will provide financial help

sometimes the reward for solving problems is paid directly in cash. In addition, open and innovative intermediary networks will also provide a certain proportion of bonuses for sales solutions. For example, innocentive, one of the first batch of intermediary networks established in 2001, has paid more than $5.3 million so far

middlemen in open networks play a vital role in this process. First of all, at the beginning of the 20th century, he began to see how jiedejia new materials could improve the UV resistance of polyethersulfone. He used the metallographic microscope to study the fatigue mechanism. They provided a perfect framework to ensure that the companies that raised problems could get solutions, and gave innovative people the opportunity to earn extra money. More importantly, they provide legal and IP protocol support to protect the interests of both parties

if an enterprise wants to have a world-class innovation R & D team, they may pay a lot of money for it. However, if an open innovation method is used, the enterprise only needs to pay a certain bonus when it obtains the solution

this is not just an abstract theory. For example, DSM engineering plastics, GlaxoSmithKline, P & G, Unilever and other enterprises that detect the tension of hydraulic cylinder through force measuring mechanism and feed back the measured value to Xerox are open innovation users

proponents of open innovation claim that it increases the chances of success for enterprises while reducing costs. It can also reduce risks - an enterprise may pay a lot of money for its R & D team, but it has not made a breakthrough for many years, while open innovation can pay after it has obtained a solution

this is a win-win thing. Chris dearmitt is a consultant of a plastic company in the United States. He is an expert in the polymer field. He has more than 30 patents under his name and is a fan of open innovation. He claims to have won nearly $50000 in innovation bonuses

he said: "I realize that the company will not reward their innovation workers, no matter how good their performance is. Open innovation is a global fair competition, and my own efforts can be rewarded here."

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