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Houjinlong, Huawei: an open agent ecology is the key to realizing the wisdom of the whole scene

[Changsha, Hunan, China, November 3, 2020] today, the 2020 world computer conference with the theme of computing everything and new driving forces of the future computing industry was held in Changsha. The senior vice president of Huawei Hou, President of cloud and computing BG, launched the evaluation of the implementation of industry plans and important policies. Jinlong delivered a speech at the conference with the theme of building intelligent agents and building the wisdom of the whole scene, and shared the thinking of intelligent upgrading and the application practice of intelligent agents. At the same time, Changsha municipal government, Hunan Xiangjiang new area and Huawei jointly inaugurated Hunan artificial intelligence ecological innovation center and cloud innovation laboratory, rapidly promoting the faster, better and stronger development of the artificial intelligence industry in Hunan

houjinlong said in his speech that intelligent upgrading is the key to building the core competitiveness of each city, enterprise and industry in the future, and the agent is the best way to achieve this goal. The agent is an integrated intelligent system of cloud edge end collaboration and a technical reference framework for the intelligent upgrading of government and enterprises. We will create an open ecology of symbiosis, CO creation and sharing with strip producers and partners with customers less than 0.2mm, give full play to the technical and resource advantages of all parties, help Hunan local enterprises to upgrade their intelligence, realize the wisdom of the whole scene, and create new values in the industry

houjinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of cloud and computing BG, delivered a keynote speech

digital economy is the main melody of economic growth. New demands for digitalization and intelligence from the government and enterprises are constantly emerging. With the in-depth integration of 5g, cloud, AI, computing and industrial applications, the five machines work together to generate various smart applications, accelerate the upgrading of government and enterprise intelligence, and make the whole scene smart possible. The wisdom of the whole scene covers urban, enterprise, industry and other scenes, which will improve the comprehensive management level of the city, and make residents happier, enterprises more efficient and industries more creative. Huawei has launched the first reference architecture agent for government enterprise intelligence upgrading, which is cloud based and AI centered. Through the deep integration of connectivity, cloud, AI, computing and industrial applications, agents can realize perception, thinking, execution and evolution. An agent consists of four layers: intelligent interaction, intelligent connection, intelligent hub and intelligent application. Among them:

intelligent interaction is the five senses and hands of an agent, connecting the physical world and the digital world, and allowing software, data and AI algorithms to flow freely on the cloud side

intelligent connection is the trunk of an agent, realizing seamless coverage and interconnection of all things, so as to enable application collaboration, data collaboration and organization collaboration

intelligent hub is the brain and decision-making system of agents. Based on cloud infrastructure, it enables applications and data, and benefits AI

smart application is the value presentation of agents. Through collaborative innovation with customers and partners, it accelerates the deep integration of AI and industry knowledge, reconstructs experience, optimizes processes, and enables innovation

in the intelligent framework, which is the most widely used experimental method, the core of the intelligent hub is the hybrid cloud base and three enabling platforms: application enabling, data enabling and AI enabling; Data as a factor of production, open up the whole value chain; As an engine, computing power provides surging power for intelligent upgrading. The Hunan artificial intelligence ecological innovation center and cloud innovation laboratory jointly released by Changsha municipal government, Hunan Xiangjiang new area and Huawei this time show that Huawei hopes to build a public diversified computing platform and aggregate enterprise innovation through the construction of computing power clusters such as artificial intelligence computing centers, so as to truly enable industrial clusters with Computing power clusters, realize the intelligent upgrading of thousands of industries, and drive the development and growth of regional industries

intelligent upgrading will build the core competitiveness of thousands of industries. Huawei cooperates with the steel bar zigzag experimental machine to form a structure: through the deep integration of 5g, cloud, AI, intelligent edge and industrial applications, an integrated intelligent system is formed to create an industry-leading intelligent experience. In the transportation industry, the cancellation of provincial toll stations on expressways has realized fast and senseless traffic, greatly improved traffic efficiency and reduced logistics transportation costs. Intelligent cameras are deployed on the highway gantry to collect vehicle traffic data 24 hours a day, and the information is returned to the cloud in real time through the high-speed network for real-time billing. At the same time, the cloud trained AI model can also be pushed to the edge, so that the camera can have the ability of license plate recognition, vehicle feature extraction and other capabilities, and the ability can continue to evolve. For example, the recognition in extreme weather such as rain and snow can be upgraded by one click in the cloud

agent is the reference architecture for intelligent upgrading and an effective way to realize the wisdom of the whole scene. At present, the agent has been put into practice and explored in more than 600 projects. Huawei, together with Shenzhen, Chengdu, Fuzhou and Nanchang, respectively announced the joint construction of Pengcheng agent, Rongcheng agent, Rongcheng agent and Hongcheng agent, which will be applied to government affairs, transportation, power, manufacturing, environmental protection and other fields, providing a new reference for the intelligent development of the whole scene of the city. Urban agent is a city level integrated intelligent collaborative system based on multi technology collaborative innovation such as connectivity, cloud, AI, computing and urban application. Urban agents enable cities to perceive, think, evolve and have temperature

in the future, Huawei will continue to work with its partners to build an open agent ecosystem, improve productivity and innovation ability, make urban governance, residents' lives and enterprise production better through agents, and move towards the wisdom of the whole scene

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