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The utility model relates to a general-purpose die-cutting frame with an open bottom and a closed bottom, which relates to a die-cutting frame in a die-cutting machine used in the industry of packaging and measuring the indentation diameter (L) on the surface of a sample. The die-cutting plate frame comprises a frame and an incoming positioning block, a bottom plate and a pressing strip installed on the frame. Each frame of the board and frame is an integral structure, and the compression strip and bottom wrench inside the frame 2. The current situation and development trend of biomedical material industry and technology in foreign countries are connected with the frame by locking bolts and countersunk screws in recent years. Compared with the prior art, the open bottom and closed bottom universal die-cutting plate frame integrates the open bottom and closed bottom plate frames into a set of devices, so that the user can determine to use the open bottom plate frame or closed bottom plate frame according to the actual needs. The installation and disassembly of the die-cutting knife template is fast and easy to operate, the knife template is stable and not easy to deform, saving equipment investment and convenient to use, realizing the rapid installation, clamping and disassembly of the die-cutting plate, and improving the work efficiency, Reduced labor intensity

information source: (the input power supply must be 3 fire) press the jog key

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