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1. Does the composite wood floor need moisture protection

Mr. Wang: Recently, there has been more and more rain, and the weather has become more and more humid. My hall is covered with composite wood flooring. I heard that the composite wood flooring is not afraid of moisture and will not deform. Is this true? The floor of the house has been paved for 4 years. Do you need moisture-proof treatment

answer: so far, no flooring product can be completely free from moisture and deformation. It can only be said that due to their different structures, the shrinkage and expansion rates are different. Compared with the log floor, the solid wood composite floor is relatively stable. As for moisture-proof treatment, general floor merchants have done it when installing, such as paving a layer of moisture-proof film, scattering some moisture-proof powder, etc. As for the situation of Mr. Wang's house, it has been paved for four years. The wooden floor should be relatively stable as long as it is maintained normally

2. Is it suitable for flooring on rainy days

Ms. Lin: according to the decoration progress of the new home, the floor will be paved in two days. But recently, it has often rained on rainy days. Can you pave the floor at this time? Or will it take some time

answer: we don't recommend paving the floor on rainy days, because the air humidity is high in rainy days. Some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as wood, board and gypsum board, are not handled properly in the process of transportation or storage, and are very vulnerable to moisture. As the air dries gradually, the water in the materials is very easy to crack and deform after volatilization

3. There is a bulge at the joint of the wooden floor after water seepage. How to deal with it

Mr. Zhang: the wooden floor at home has been paved for a long time, and some joints are bulging due to water seepage. I want to ask how to deal with this? Or can it only be replaced

answer: generally, the wooden floor with excellent quality will gradually recover after a period of time in case of slight arching deformation

in such a case, 1 Absorb the surface water on the floor in the shortest time. 2. Quickly remove the skirting line of the floor, expose the expansion joint, and dissipate the water vapor by the expansion joint 3 At the same time, you can also take a vacuum cleaner to absorb water vapor from the splicing gap of the soaking floor, or take a hair dryer and dry it with cold air, but do not use hot air to prevent the surface from cracking and deformation due to heat drying. If the flooding is serious, you need to contact the after-sales department of the business to deal with it, but after all, the rescue after the event is passive, and taking precautions is the best choice. At ordinary times, you should pay more attention to not opening the window wide to prevent rain; Change shoes when you come out of the bath and enter the bedroom; Always check whether the air conditioner, water heating pipe and washing machine are leaking. (the article comes from the network)




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