Shangpin Bense Liangshan new store reopened on Mar

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Xindi home appears in Liangshan. On March 8, the second store of Shangpin Bense Liangshan franchise store under Xindi home furnishing Co., Ltd. was rebuilt and grandly opened. During the event, there are many discounts and highlights

Shangpin natural color wooden door, as the leader of artistic wooden door, is most proud of the national market activities held every year, which are held simultaneously in hundreds of cities each time, which shows its strong operation and control ability. However, on March 8, it was not a market event, but a festive day when the second store of Shangpin Bense Liangshan franchise store under Xindi home furnishing Co., Ltd. was rebuilt and grandly opened

in order to give thanks to new and old customers in Liangshan, terminal preferential promotions were launched on the day of opening, and the preferential intensity was unprecedented. It was only opened once

in order to give back to customers, this activity has launched a number of preferential policies, so that you can get unexpected surprises while enjoying preferential prices and value-added services! Action is better than heart, come and enjoy top VIP treatment

as the executive vice president unit of the wooden door and window Professional Committee of the China wood and wood products Circulation Association, Shangpin natural color wooden door has many honors, such as "China's well-known trademark", "China's top ten brands of wooden doors", "China's leading brand in the overall home furnishing industry in the wooden door industry", "China's green, environmental protection, energy-saving building materials products", "China's green home leader", "consumers' favorite brand", and so on, In 2014, with a solid and rapid pace, we are walking with the times, the world and the owners of Shangpin natural color wood door products

Shangpin natural color wooden door is dedicated to pursuing the refinement, exquisiteness and art of products and processes, and has always been committed to improving the wooden door with "taste life and exquisite carving", and will highly integrate the rigorous attitude of persisting in quality with the aesthetics of life art. Zhang Jingbo, vice president of marketing, once said that the reason why Shangpin Bense wooden door has risen rapidly is the devil details behind it. Whether it is production, market development or terminal services, we will never let go of any details to achieve better. What we require is to keep improving




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