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1. During home decoration, indoor wiring should be laid through pipes, and single stranded copper conductor with good insulation should be used. When laying through pipes, the total cross-sectional area of the wires in the pipes shall not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of the inner diameter of the pipes, and there shall be no joints and kinks in the pipes. Conductors and telephone lines, closed-circuit television lines, communication lines, etc. shall not be installed in the same pipeline

2. Pay attention to the laying of wires in the wiring, carry out the construction according to the provisions of decoration design, short-circuit protection, overload protection of lines, selection of wire section, and installation of low-voltage electrical equipment according to the current national standards

3. A leakage circuit breaker shall be set in the distribution box, and the outgoing lines shall be divided to control lighting, air conditioning, sockets, etc. respectively, and its circuit shall ensure the normal use of the load

4. Ordinary sockets shall not be used for the installation of electric heaters, and they shall not be directly installed on combustible components. The toilet socket should be splash proof

5. The selection of lighting and electric heating load wire diameter and section should make the safe carrying capacity of the conductor greater than the sum of the rated passenger currents of all electrical appliances in the branch, and the capacity of each branch is not allowed to exceed the capacity of the incoming line. The colors of strong wires should be wires of different colors, the phase wires should be red, green or yellow wires, the zero wires should be blue, black and other wires, the grounding wires should be yellow and green two-color special grounding wires, the grounding protection should be reliable, and the insulation resistance between conductors and between conductors to ground should be greater than 0. 5MΩ。

6. The socket shall be no less than 300mm above the ground. The conductor in the junction box should have allowance, and the length should be 150mm. When wiring, the phase line enters the switch, and the zero line directly enters the lamp cap. The phase line of the screw lamp cap should not be connected to the shell. The height of the lamp switch from the ground should be 1.3m, and the switch should not be installed behind the door

7. The electrical piping in the suspended flat roof shall be in accordance with the requirements of exposed piping, and the piping shall not be fixed on the hanger or keel of the flat roof. The setting of lamp cap box and junction box shall be convenient for maintenance, and the cover plate shall be added. The length of hose connected to the lamp position shall not exceed 1m. Both ends of the hose shall be connected to the junction box with special connectors, and the lamps shall be firmly connected. The metal hose itself should be grounded. All kinds of strong and weak current conductors shall not be exposed in the ceiling

8. The position of phase line and zero line facing the power socket is right phase and left zero. For the socket with grounding hole, its ground wire jack should be at the upper position, and the grounding should be reliable. The switch socket shall be installed firmly. Check visually and manually, and use special tools for circuit test to check whether the positions of phase line, zero line and ground line on the socket meet the requirements

9. The spacing distance between the conductor and the gas pipeline is the same plane ≥ 100mm, different planes ≥ 50MM。 The distance between the electrical switch connector and the gas pipe is the same plane ≥ 250mm, different planes ≥ 150MM。

10. The telephone line, TV signal and audio connecting wires are laid in branch lines, and special signal transmission lines are used, and a certain distance is left between each other, so that various signals do not interfere with each other. Cut the opening of the shielding wire network of the TV signal transmission line neatly to avoid grounding and short circuit with the center line, otherwise it will cause unclear images. For TV and telephone connection “ For connectors, use a multimeter to detect whether there is open circuit, phase to phase open circuit, etc., use a megger to detect grounding, etc., and close them after passing the acceptance test

special tips: after the completion of the decoration project, the location and size map of the line direction should be provided, and the acceptance should be carried out one by one according to the above requirements. The concealed electrical lines that need to be concealed can be carried out only after passing the acceptance





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