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Avaya saw opportunities in bfsi and government emergency response services. On December 12, the CTI Forum (compiled by Lao Qin): Avaya, a communication solution provider, is focusing on the growth of its business in India. This growth is expected to come from the support of professional solutions and the successful restructuring of the parent company Avaya Inc. Avaya sees opportunities in emergency response services in the banking and financial services industry (bfsi) and the government sector

avaya Inc. previously filed for bankruptcy protection (under U.S. law) and later developed a restructuring plan. The source said that the company, whose headquarters are located in the first part of the production line of silicon gb/t 63, including the automatic cutting and pre forming of unidirectional reinforcement materials, tried to transform from a hardware centric business to software and services, but failed to sell its call center business

according to Vishal Agrawal, general manager of Avaya India and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), although its Indian branch has not suffered significant losses in terms of contracts, some large-scale transformation transactions have made slow progress

before signing the contract, global customers chose the attitude of looking at high standards. So, there are some delays. However, we did not lose the contract, he told businessline during the free time of infocom 2017 conference

the company did experience a slowdown in growth last year (October 2016 to September 2017). The growth rate is between 10% and 12%. India ranks top 10 in revenue contribution This year, we expect growth to be between%, he added

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