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Avaya IPO product channel promotion conference Qingdao station was successfully held

ctiforum. On June 1, a step hole was set in the center of the disc. On June 2 (Liu Yu): avay has held several conferences nationwide to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment. On june6,2012, the Qingdao station conference co hosted by Avaya (China) and Shenzhou WorldCom, and co organized by Changhong Jiahua, Xinpu Feike and other manufacturers, was successfully held at the heart holiday inn in Qingdao, which every logistics company hopes to do. At the meeting, heshaoqing, regional manager of Avaya SME in China, hanguiqi, technical director of Shenzhou WorldCom, and baowenping, regional sales director of Xinpu Feike were invited to explain the functions of the new version of IPO 8.0 and share solutions and classic IPO cases

simpfeike has been focusing on providing enterprise level communication service system products for many years. Its independently developed call center platform products have been applied to a number of large-scale projects, among which the projects constructed in cooperation with Avaya IPO have spread across e-commerce, radio and television, government, transportation and other industries. Its products and services have been highly praised by customers for many times and are deeply trusted by everyone. At the meeting, Bao Wenping of simpro explained to the participants that various IPO groups should have very stable performance and perfect solutions

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baowenping, regional sales director of simpe Feike

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