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AVIC Sanxin and Jiangxi LDK signed a strategic cooperation agreement on solar photovoltaic glass supply. On October 22, 2010, Wang Jinlin, executive vice president of AVIC Sanxin, and zhuliangbao, executive vice president of Jiangxi LDK signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both companies. Pengxiaofeng, chairman and CEO of Jiangxi LDK attended the signing ceremony. Following the cooperation with Shenzhen Chuangyi, Yingli group and Nanjing CLP, AVIC Sanxin has launched in-depth cooperation with another major photovoltaic enterprise in the field of solar energy

Jiangxi LDK is currently the world's largest solar silicon wafer manufacturer with the highest production capacity and a leading manufacturer of data fuel efficiency components including matrix resin and fiber reinforcement whose friction between high-purity polysilicon and solar engineering materials and the surface of automotive components will decrease by about 3% to 5%. The company is headquartered in Xinyu, Jiangxi and has production plants in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places

AVIC Sanxin is a listed company of AVIC, mainly engaged in new materials such as special glass and photovoltaic curtain wall projects. AVIC Sanxin is a global supplier of high-end glass and special glass. Its technologies such as full oxygen combustion process, TCO coating process and full oxygen combustion waste heat power generation are world-leading and national leading, filling many domestic gaps such as full oxygen combustion process, TCO coating process, photovoltaic ultra white glass, high-strength aluminum silicon and full oxygen combustion waste heat power generation, and ending China's long-term dependence on imports of high-end glass. AVIC Sanxin photovoltaic solar calendered glass and ultra white TCO thin film solar glass have become the core suppliers in the solar field (crystalline silicon cells and amorphous silicon solar cells)

the strategic cooperation between AVIC Sanxin and important domestic amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar energy enterprises involves product research and development, technical research and industrial chain. Our manufacturers give you three knowledge choices: supporting facilities, engineering applications and other aspects, and work with domestic solar photovoltaic enterprises to promote the development of the solar energy industry

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