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AVIC Tongfei composite business jet was put into production in the second half of 2011

Tongfei will develop a domestic business jet with independent intellectual property rights. It is expected that the research and development work will be started at the beginning of next year and put into production in the second half of next year, and strive to achieve airworthiness certification by the end of 2012. This is the only way to prove whether what we say is true or false, "mengxiangkai, general manager of AVIC Tongfei, told the media in Zhuhai on November 8

according to its disclosure, this business aircraft is based on the four composite general-purpose aircraft previously acquired, two of which are ultra light jet business aircraft and two are turboprop aircraft. These four types of aircraft come from a famous experimental aircraft manufacturer in the United States. Earlier, AVIC Tongfei purchased the company

mengxiangkai said that AVIC Tongfei has directly stepped into the ranks of jet aircraft from piston and turboprop aircraft, and directly stepped into the world general aircraft market from the original domestic market. However, due to the increasing amount of plastic packaging waste, it has achieved a new leap in technology and market until normal, expanding the market base of existing products

at present, AVIC Tongfei has identified Zhuhai, Guizhou, Shijiazhuang, Jingmen and Shenzhen as the five core bases for Tongfei's industrial development, which will cover Tongfei's four core businesses. General aircraft manufacturing, general aviation operation and customer support are the core competitive industries of the company. New materials, aviation and auto parts are the foundation to support the survival and first development of the company in the coming period

among them, Zhuhai base is mainly the part assembly and final assembly of high-end general-purpose aircraft, including business aircraft and seaplanes; Shijiazhuang base is mainly the part assembly and general assembly of agricultural and forestry aircraft and sports aircraft; Guizhou base mainly produces aviation and auto parts; Jingmen is the manufacturing base of aerostat; Shenzhen is the R & D base for aeronautical and non aeronautical special materials. There are also some supporting facilities and cooperation among the five bases

in addition, the operation, service and FBO of general aviation will be distributed nationwide according to the market demand

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