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AVIC's new plant was completed to produce A350 composite parts

the new plant of Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Center was officially completed and put into use in Harbin on the 28th. It is understood that the new plant will be used for the production and manufacturing of some composite parts of Airbus' latest R & D project wide body aircraft A350XWB. At present, the total budget for the new plant is more than 100 million US dollars

Airbus A350XWB wide body aircraft series is a series of aircraft types launched by Airbus to meet the extensive needs of medium capacity long-range wide body aircraft. The maximum range of A350XWB wide body aircraft series can reach 8300 nautical miles/15400 kilometers. Airbus A350XWB wide body aircraft has the widest fuselage of its kind, which can provide this segment with unparalleled ride comfort, the lowest operating cost and the lowest seat/mile cost. The A350XWB wide body aircraft series can help airlines calmly cope with the challenges of high oil prices, passenger expectations and environmental protection

at present, the A350XWB has received 583 confirmed orders from 36 customers, which is the new aircraft project with the fastest order growth in the history of the aviation industry. At the end of last year, Air China ordered 10 Airbus A350XWB aircraft, becoming the first Chinese customer of the aircraft. The A350 XWB project is progressing smoothly. It is planned to start the General Assembly this year and put into commercial operation in 2013

in order to successfully produce the A350XWB work package, that is, the assembly of parts and components, the effective space of Harbin Hadi tensile testing machine refers to the clamping space of the sample. The test results are inaccurate. The new plant of Airbus Composite material manufacturing center has adopted "China's first automatic tape laying and cutting machine" in technology, And "China's largest autoclave (5.8 x 19m autoclave (including nitrogen storage equipment)"

with the help of the Spanish factory, the industrialization of A350 undertaken by the plant has begun. S19 maintenance hatch will be the first A350 work package completed and delivered, and it is planned to be delivered in the middle of this year. Among them, the components will be delivered to Airbus or Airbus suppliers in Europe, and then integrated into larger components by suppliers

Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Material Manufacturing Center Co., Ltd. obtained the business license issued by the Chinese government on June 8, 2009. Chinese enterprises own 80% of the shares, and Airbus China owns 20% of the shares. Among the 80% equity of Chinese enterprises, Hafei group owns 50% equity, Hafei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. (Hafei), Harbin Development Zone Heli infrastructure development Co., Ltd. and China Aviation Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (AVIC) respectively own 10% equity. The registered capital of the joint venture is USD 150million

Airbus is mainly responsible for infrastructure construction, construction of new factories, etc. Hafei is responsible for handling the business license, ensuring that the company complies with Chinese laws and regulations, and is responsible for human resources (the employees of the manufacturing center will be recruited from Hafei group and the market). Airbus is responsible for developing and managing production processes, providing technical support and experience to ensure that the manufacturing center obtains the required capabilities

at present, the manufacturing center has about 100 employees and will employ more than 600 employees when the project matures in 2016. Airbus is supported by a relatively small team of expatriate experts, who are employees of the manufacturing center. Airbus will provide technical support to the manufacturing center. More than 30 employees from Hafei joined the manufacturing center and provided support to the manufacturing center

lifangyong, deputy general manager of AVIC and chairman of AVIC helicopter, said in his speech that the Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite material manufacturing center project is a new breakthrough and a new step in the international cooperation of AVIC Hafei, which has contributed its own strength to the development of the national scientific and technological innovation ability. The strong cooperation between AVIC and Airbus will certainly promote the development of China's civil aviation industry and the technological progress of the aviation composite industry, and stimulate the development of local related industries

Thomas Enders, President and CEO of Airbus, said: "5% of the fuselage structure of the world's most efficient and advanced wide body aircraft A350XWB will be manufactured in China. Chinese engineers from Airbus (Beijing) Engineering Technology Center also participated in the design of the project. The Airbus A350XWB project not only reflects' made in China ', but also shows the spirit of' created in China '."

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