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AVIC Sanxin: the future prospect of special glass's capacity expansion is promising.

in the first half of the year, the revenue increased year on year, and the net profit decreased year on year. The company achieved a revenue of 8% in the first half of the year. 2.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20. 51%; Net profit attributable to the listed company 0. 2.2 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 11. 64%。 The main reasons for the mismatching of net profit and income growth: the expenses increased significantly during the period, such as the increase of talent reserve, the increase of 400000 yuan for Funeng technology to purchase aluminum-plastic film products for lithium-ion batteries from Xinlun composite materials, and the increase of 2.95 million yuan for market expansion; The write down of bad debts decreased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year; The income tax expense rate increased from 20% to 22%; The holding subsidiary (Bengbu frequency can also be freely set) made a large profit, and the minority shareholders' equity decreased by 4.25%, 6.42% and 7.90% respectively year-on-year

curtain wall and special glass industries will develop synchronously. At present, the building decoration (curtain wall) business is still the company's main source of income and profit. With the gradual production of the company's new projects, special glass will become another major source of income for the company. The company has 6 production lines: electronic grade and automotive grade sheet glass, with a diameter of 1. 6mm-4mm, which is one of the few enterprises in China that can produce such products; For ultra white float glass and TCO coated glass, at present, only CSG has a TCO production line with an annual output of 750000 square meters in China, and the annual output of the company will reach 7.5 million square meters after the project is put into operation; High grade architectural float glass and Low-E glass with full oxygen combustion; Aviation special glass and solar float glass; 2 ultra white calendered glass production lines in tec-qte laboratory in Noordwijk, the Netherlands μ VCM center

special glass will be the main growth highlight of the company in the coming years. At present, the company's sheet glass is only comparable to Xiamen Mingda, which has obvious technical and quality advantages; Full oxygen combustion Low-E glass can not only reduce cost, but also reduce pollution; At present, all aviation special glasses are imported, but foreign countries restrict their exports to China. AVIC Sanxin will cooperate with Pilkington to build this production line, expand into the military industry, and further give full play to the advantages of major shareholders. There is a huge space in the future; Ultra white calendered glass cooperates with Bengbu Glass Design and Research Institute, which is the best enterprise in producing ultra white calendered glass in China

the curtain wall industry will maintain steady and rapid growth, but the competition will intensify. The curtain wall industry will maintain a steady and rapid growth rate of% in the coming years, but the industry competition will intensify. Although the company is also one of the advantageous enterprises in the industry, many architectural decoration enterprises, such as jintanglang, Hongtao shares, Yasha shares, etc., are involved in this business, and will further expand their production capacity in the future, which will lead to a slow decline in the gross profit margin of this business

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