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AVIC Sanxin's non public offering of no more than 100million new shares was approved. AVIC Sanxin was favored by users on Tuesday. However, Wang Xianhong still felt that it was only a small step towards the industrialization of PPC. The company's non public offering plan had been approved by the CSRC on the 12th

AVIC Sanxin plans to issue no more than 100million shares to no more than 10 investors this time, of which the controlling shareholder China Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. promises to subscribe 20million shares and China general aircraft Co., Ltd. promises to subscribe 10million shares

all the raised funds of BOC Sanxin will be used to increase the capital of AVIC special glass, to purchase the relevant assets of Hainan float company, and to carry out the phase I construction of new and transformed production lines in the original foundation, with a total investment of 11. 5.2 billion yuan, of which 4. RMB 500million is used to acquire assets; 6。 100million yuan will be used to introduce the technology of American PPG company and build a new low-E coating energy-saving production line with full oxygen combustion; RMB 91.83 million was used to introduce PPG technology and transform another float glass production line in the acquired assets into electronic grade glass and offline Low-E glass substrate production lines

the company said that it would handle the issues related to this issue as soon as possible within the six-month validity period within which the test standards and migration test conditions issued by the approval also objectively reflect the expected use of the materials or products

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