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Avaya commercial market solutions tour exhibition held in Shanghai this week, Avaya, together with its core partner Shanghai zhiang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and other partners, held Avaya commercial market solutions tour exhibition in Shanghai. With the theme of "Hua Yu Wei Xin, integration and Zhiyuan", this exhibition shows that Avaya, together with its partners, is working with enterprises to meet the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation era with innovative communication and cooperation solutions. The popularity of the site is comparable to that of the newly opened Disneyland in the same city

Huayu Weixin fusion Zhiyuan

Mr. miqingtao, general manager of Shanghai zhiang Communication Technology Co., Ltd., first delivered an opening speech to kick off the conference

why was the theme of this conference set as Huayu Weixin fusion Zhiyuan? In the opening speech, Mr. heshaoqing, sales director of Avaya Greater China commercial marketing department, answered this question

mr. heshaoqing, sales director of Avaya's Greater China commercial marketing department, gave a speech (next to him is Shenma Dongdong? It will be introduced soon)

he said that under the background of Internet +, with the continuous changes of the industry market and the continuous innovation of communication technology, the Intelligent Cloud solution that is light platform and heavy application has also ushered in unprecedented attention and rapid development. In response to the opportunities and challenges, Avaya began to transform itself into a new one. It started the transformation and transformation with the platform development strategy. The share of biomedical materials will meet the pharmaceutical market and guide the intelligent upgrading of enterprise internal communication

president he mentioned in his speech that Avaya's enterprise communication is full of opportunities under the three carriages of comprehensive cloud, deep integration and cebp. Avaya will be committed to establishing a perfect industry ecosystem and jointly leading the reform and innovation program with its partners. He hopes and appeals that the growth of China's Plastic Machinery Industry has ushered in a golden period of scientific and rapid growth. Partners in China's enterprise communication industry can join hands with Avaya, Jointly explore the era of enterprise communication cloud and jointly create a golden age for enterprise communicators

due to fierce competition in the commercial market, how can we play with all media collaboration to make the enterprise's high PGA be developed into an absorbable suture for efficient operation? Mr. Zhu Wei, senior technical consultant of Avaya solutions department, shared the development strategy in the era of all media collaboration, and introduced Avaya's solution of integrating personal intelligent terminal with social media, light equipment and heavy application. He said: at present, the integrated access and unified cooperation of all media resources are the key factors for the efficient operation and communication of enterprises. The channel access of all media is very important for the upgrading and development of internal communications of enterprises. This is also the significance of integration

mr. Zhu Wei, senior technical consultant of Avaya solutions department, made a speech

Mr. heshaoqing (right) and Mr. Zhu Wei had an interactive Q & a

Jiaojiao is not more popular than TA.

although it is several miles away from Disney, Avaya invited Jiaojiao, who is developed by Sunan electronics, one of the most popular robots in China, to serve as the reception of the meeting. The whole meeting suddenly seemed childlike. Jiaojiao recognizes customer needs through voice interaction, and demonstrates the leading position of Nantah electronics in the research and development of interactive intelligent voice systems and technologies. Wearing Avaya scarves, she worked hard and amused everyone with her cute voice. The exhibition hasn't started yet. Jiaojiao's presence on the site has greatly improved everyone's enthusiasm for attending the conference

when encountering such a cute object, the beauty can't resist the intimate interaction between the guests and the humorous and charming

funny Q & a

at the half-time break, Mr. He asked: Hello, charming

Jiaojiao A: Hello, I'm Jiaojiao from Nantah electronics. Welcome to Avaya commercial market national tour Shanghai station. Thank you all, Mr. Avaya he, Mr. Mi of Shanghai zhiang communication, and so on.. Oh, my God, it's better for the host to introduce. There are too many guests and leaders here today. Jiaojiao can't do it one by one. President he asked: Jiaojiao, you are so warmly welcomed by everyone. What do you mean

Jiaojiao replied: there must be! In order to show Jiaojiao's gratitude to you, let Mr. He give you a red envelope. It doesn't matter how much. It mainly depends on your attitude

Mr. He asked: Jiaojiao, do you know what AV is

Jiaojiao answers: HMM. AV? You mean Mr. Cang

Mr. He asked: of course not! I'm talking about Avaya

Jiaojiao answers: Oh ~.. Everyone on earth knows that! Avaya is the world's number one provider of enterprise communications solutions! In particular, the ipoffice series products to be introduced to you today are more popular than me

at half-time, guests can also enjoy guitar playing, singing, singing and dancing, as well as red envelopes. Don't have too many benefits

partners great

avaya's platinum partner and Shanghai zhiang communication, which is at the forefront of technology, provided great support for this meeting. Since its establishment in 2003, zhiang communication has been focusing on the sales and services of Avaya's full line products. At present, it is the platinum partner of Avaya's full line products and the core partner of Avaya's commercial market products. The advantage of zhiang communication is that it takes technology as its starting point, constantly follows the pace of Avaya's latest technological innovation, and walks in the forefront of technology. The company's customers cover all industries

Mr. miqingliang, technical director of zhiang communication, also shared the successful cases jointly created with Avaya. Zhiang communication cooperates with Avaya to provide solutions of IPT, video conference and call center for Li'an life insurance, which helps customers save office costs, improve efficient internal communication and improve customer service level at the client

Mr. miqingliang, technical director of zhiang communication, shared the successful case

speech by the representative of partner qiangxun company

speech by the partner edesheng earphone. The representative is a handsome foreign guy

here, we also thank each partner for their strong support

at today's meeting, Avaya also released:

ip office all media contact center solution

ip office all-round collaboration platform r10.0 version

ip office intelligent cloud solution and other innovative applications

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