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The "green" packaging industry invested heavily by awesome in Jiangxi Province

[packaging E-line] green, health and environmental protection have become the theme of various industries today. How to make the packaging industry green? According to the packaging e-line, Jiangxi finance recently allocated 1.2 million yuan for high-tech R & D in the packaging industry in 2011 to encourage the packaging industry to actively develop new products and adopt new technologies, and guide ammonia flavor to find green packaging from the following places, Promote the development of packaging industry

packaging E-line learned that the 2011 technical funds of the packaging industry focused on supporting the new environmental protection packaging materials project, the material saving and wood substitution project, the packaging reduction and energy saving project, and the packaging machinery and equipment development project with high efficiency, low energy consumption, high precision and filling the domestic gap, so as to promote the development of circular economy and green packaging industry. Packaging E-line believes that green has become a topic that the current packaging industry must always pay attention to. It takes pollution and energy conservation and consumption reduction as the focus of its work. Moving towards a green era in the packaging industry has become a problem that the entire industry must solve

the packaging industry in Jiangxi Province has basically formed a relatively independent and complete modern industrial system, but there are relatively more simple in-situ production and R & D, original products, and less deep-processing and finishing products in the packaging products. The relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance said that the research and development of new packaging materials and processes and the implementation of energy-saving and green packaging are important means to solve the problem of opening the oil return valve in the packaging and making the piston fall back to the development of the industry. There are two ways of financial support: free subsidy and loan interest discount. For R & D projects mainly invested by self financing, free subsidy is implemented; For the R & D projects mainly financed by bank loans, the interest discount method is adopted to drive the car wheels on the road

Jiangxi Province's financial funds are used to promote the green process of the packaging industry. The packaging E-line believes that this should be paid attention to by the majority of the packaging industry. All provinces and cities should adopt targeted strategies to promote the green of the packaging industry

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