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After working diligently for several years, I finally saved enough down payment with my own strength. My conservative parents urged me to buy a house and start a family. In my parents' view, without a house, there is no root. Even if I have friends and lovers in this city, this is not my home

after seeing the room several times with my friends, my mind changed. Now the real estate foam is serious and the house price is rising. If I buy a house, the house will indeed continue to increase in value as an asset. However, this appreciation is difficult to realize and is dead. Moreover, if I buy a house now, after paying the down payment and leaving the decoration fee, I will no longer have assets in my hand. It can be said that I throw a single bet, which will lead to the decline of the quality of life and miss many immediate financial opportunities

although my thoughts have changed, I still haven't given up buying a house when I think of my girlfriend. I think that only after buying a house and proposing to her can we be sincere and worthy of our feelings for many years, will we be happier

unexpectedly, my friend still let me slip when I was looking at the house. When my girlfriend learned about it, she had a long talk with me. As an exquisite woman who is very good at housekeeping, her life wisdom makes a careless man like me suddenly enlightened. She believes that we don't need to buy a house for three reasons:

first, although our parents urged us to get married and have children early, we are in a period of career growth, and the matter of children needs to be postponed. Moreover, after we buy a house, we bear the mortgage every month, and we have no spare money. The quality of life will decline, and the environment is not conducive to our pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing. Having children rashly will not give children a carefree childhood, but also stop our careers

second, we have been in love for many years, with excessive separation and combination, quarrel and anger. Up to now, we know each other very well, and our feelings are very deep. We no longer need a house as the material condition to maintain our feelings. Marriage in front of our feelings is just a small matter of taking time to get a license. We are used to the rented house. The small house is arranged orderly and warm by her, and the transportation nearby is also convenient. With our conditions, if you buy a house, it is not as desirable as the current house, and the work is not convenient

third, it is not advisable to put all funds into real estate. On the one hand, the appreciation or depreciation of houses is completely out of our control. If we suddenly encounter depreciation, it is difficult to sell immediately. On the other hand, there are many financial investment channels with relatively rich returns. It is better to invest in financial management first, increase your own capital, and buy a house when you are sure. In China, renting a house is much more cost-effective than buying a house. With working capital in hand, I can earn another decoration fee in a year if I make a good plan

after this long talk, we immediately went to get the license, took the marriage license and drove to the belt expressway for a ride, enjoying “ Naked marriage ” Taste of. After that, we allocated the assets of our competitors

after working for many years, I have no more than 800000 in my hand. My wife asked me to divide the money into two parts, one is used to buy bank financial products and securities financial products. The yield of these two products is not too high. The annual yield of the products I buy is 3%-6%, and I earn 10000 to 20000 a year to preserve value





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