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it is said that only food can't be let down, but wandering around the streets and alleys, we found that many stores have many styles, good decoration, and good taste, but their business is not as good as that of roadside stalls. According to the reasons, the service attitude is the main factor. Not only in the catering industry, but also in the "storefront and service" of the door and window industry, enterprises should pay attention to the promotion of word-of-mouth and do a good job in brand maintenance, so as not to have a bad business

do a good job in brand maintenance so that development can continue.

the importance of brand promotion and maintenance in the solid-state door and window Market in recent years is self-evident. This can be seen from the recent increase in market share by door and window manufacturers in large countries and abroad through price wars, as well as the proportion of door and window enterprises in market promotion and market personnel investment. However, can a large amount of wishful thinking investment get a response from the market

to do this, we need not only the support of huge numbers, but also the connection and continuation of service quality and service details. Otherwise, it will be despised like a certain catering brand mentioned above...

at present, the brand competition in the door and window market has risen to the height of the overall development strategy of the enterprise, but because domestic door and window enterprises have formed a late understanding of the importance of the brand, there is no systematic and differential awareness of brand transformation, So we can see that at present, when small and medium-sized door and window enterprises try to break through by using the brand soft power, there are extreme differences and differences in the attitude towards various factors that can affect the formation and promotion of the brand. This can be seen from the attitude towards media advertising and the attitude and investment in the behavior training of terminal service personnel

attach importance to terminal service training to create a good reputation

the direct consequence of ignoring the behavior training of terminal service personnel is to ignore the consumption potential of consumers. We know that one of the key factors of brand formation and promotion is word-of-mouth marketing of consumers and customer groups

successful brand promotion enterprises should first learn to understand the changes in consumers' psychological activities, and then adjust their products, services and environment to meet this change. Only continuous changes can create lasting brand vitality and brand competitiveness

secondly, the reason why consumers are willing to spend time and money in stores shows that they have a basic understanding and recognition of the brand and products. How can terminal service personnel turn this basic recognition into long-term consumption and guide consumers to understand the corporate culture and form brand loyalty through conscious activities? This is what door and window enterprises need to consider in the early stage of brand planning

terminal service personnel are the key link of brand promotion and maintenance. Their body language and facial expressions represent the movement of the brand to some extent, and are also the process of transmitting and promoting the brand

in general, in order to achieve development, door and window enterprises need to pay attention to brand maintenance in addition to the excellent quality of the products themselves, so as to win a good reputation and finally stabilize the market

Cartier doors and windows puts service in the first place, gradually forms the brand characteristics of "international vision and localized service", and returns to the root of product humanization. Carty doors and windows has a high-quality team to create a "5S" all-round service model, pay full attention to consumer satisfaction, achieve pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, summary, avoid systematization, and solve all kinds of troubles for consumers with nanny service. Cartier doors and windows adheres to the unique customized standards of Germany, and strengthens the core competitiveness of Cartier doors and windows in the market. Adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, quality is gold, service first" and our own hard power, and make the brand value of "Carty doors and windows" a new height

German Cartier windows and doors www.dgkadi Com

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